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CapsoVision announces the launch of CapsoCam SV-2

August 5, 2014 – CapsoCam SystemCapsoVision, a Silicon Valley, CA based medical device innovator dedicated to providing leading-edge technologies that are expected to provide superior clinical outcomes and improve quality of life, announced today the commercial availability of its next generation CapsoCam® SV-2 small bowel capsule endoscopy system.

With its hallmark 360º panoramic lateral viewing, the new CapsoCam SV-2 offers the most comprehensive imaging available in minimally invasive capsule endoscopy and is expected to provide improved diagnostic capabilities as well as unparalleled patient comfort and freedom.

The CapsoCam SV-2 is paired with an all-new and improved data retrieval system, the CapsoAccess® CDAS2, which is faster, easier to use, and more portable. The new CapsoCam SV-2 system also includes an improved diagnostic user interface, CapsoView® CVV 2.3.

The CapsoCam® SV-2 small bowel capsule endoscope works by taking up to 20 pictures per second, providing a comprehensive 360º image of the small bowel mucosa. The images are then downloaded from the capsule using the CapsoAccess capsule data access system to transfer the images to a computer using the CapsoView Software to be effectively read by a clinician for an accurate diagnosis.

Capsule endoscopy is used worldwide to diagnose small bowel abnormalities including, but not limited to bleeding, Crohn’s Disease, ulcers, polyps, celiac disease, and tumors.

“CapsoCam SV-2 was designed to empower gastroenterologists and their teams to achieve significantly better outcomes with greater comfort for their patients,” said Srini Muthuswamy, Sr. Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “Physicians truly value the diagnostic capabilities of our 360º panoramic lateral imaging. But what makes our system truly unique is the level of patient freedom we offer. No belts, no wires, and no sticky leads are required. No other capsule endoscopy system offers that level of patient freedom. These benefits coupled with the launch of the new data retrieval system this week heralds a new era in capsule endoscopy.”

The CapsoCam® system is available in more than 50 countries worldwide. The CapsoCam system is not offered for sale in the US market at this time. To learn more about CapsoCam, visit or contact your local CapsoVision Partner.