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About Us

Founded in 2006, CapsoVision is a Silicon Valley global medical device innovator specializing in diagnostic imaging of the gastrointestinal system.

Through our world-class talent and out-of-the-box thinking, we strive to empower physicians and patients by developing innovative technologies, which provide superior clinical outcomes and improve patient quality of life.

Our flagship CapsoCam Plus® small bowel capsule endoscope uses a novel 360° panoramic lateral view to overcome the limitations of end-facing cameras and provide a more comprehensive imaging solution, while its wire-free design provides unparalleled comfort, convenience and freedom to patients.

Philosophy and Mission

Our product development philosophy is driven by our mission to continuously empower clinicians and patients. Through our innovations in the field of diagnostic imaging, we aim to provide products that streamline clinical operations while allowing for better diagnostic outcomes and improved patient quality of life.

Quality Policy

Our mission of continuous improvement doesn’t end at innovation. CapsoVision is dedicated to providing medical devices that meet the highest standards for safety, reliability and patient care.

In addition to maintaining compliance with all applicable national and international regulatory requirements, we take special care to maintain the effectiveness of our quality system by continuously evaluating and improving it.