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Capsule Endoscopy can be administered at home via Telehealth Supervision during COVID-19 with the CapsoCam Plus® System.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about the way healthcare is delivered. From new CMS codes for Telehealth visits to new advances in Telehealth platforms—and now an At-Home Administration option for capsule endoscopy with the CapsoCam Plus® System for eligible patients.

In the new COVID-19 environment …what matters?

  • Taking care of patients safely without delays
  • Utilizing new technologies for better efficiency
  • Making things easier for patients and staff
  • Creating a better patient experience
  • Effective procedure outcomes

All of the above attributes are part of the unique design you get with the CapsoCam Plus Capsule Endoscopy System.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all physicians to rethink the way we deliver care now and going forward. We need to do everything possible to continue to deliver healthcare in a timely and safe manner while making an effort to reduce in-person contact and potential Coronavirus exposure. The CapsoCam Plus system will now allow us to offer this procedure to the appropriate patients efficiently and effectively, without the patient needing to visit the clinic. This is an added value to our practice and enables us to reduce exposure risks to our patients and staff while continuing the normal volume of office visits.”