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Upgrade to the latest, most innovative diagnostic interface with the all-new CapsoView® 3.6

CapsoView 3.6 uses an innovative and user-friendly interface to make the image review process simpler and more efficient. With more features, physicians can choose the settings that work best for them and create a capsule endoscopy report with ease.

CapsoView 3.6 features include:

  • An automated Red Detection system that highlights suspected images of bleeding
  • Electronic signature for easy archiving in EHR systems
  • Customizable report templates which reduce redundant keystrokes
  • Suggested landmarks
  • Cropping saved images
  • Capsule report with 2 identifiers on each page

Users can choose from a variety of viewing modes, adjust playback speed, and generate a capsule endoscopy report from a single screen with CapsoView:

Precision Speed Controls

CapsoView 3.6 allows users to choose an appropriate playback speed ranging from 1x to 5x. With half speeds of 1.5x and 2.5x and video playback control using a keyboard or mouse, clinicians have complete control over their viewing speed for easier identification of pathologies.

Intuitive Playback Options

CapsoView's intuitive design places the playback controls where they are easily seen and accessed during image review. Users can play a video forward or backward at any selected speed, view a portion of an exam frame-by-frame using multiple control options, and play or pause with a click of a mouse.

Quick Image Capture and Easy Annotation

CapsoView makes generating capsule endoscopy reports quick and easy by providing multiple ways of capturing images of interest and creating notes and annotations. Simply click or type to save the frame of interest, which can be easily accessed via the image list.

Flexible Contrast Adjustment and Precision Magnification

The quality of diagnostic imaging is dictated by what can be seen during an examination. While CapsoCam Plus uses Smart Illumination to automatically adjust the light intensity during a capsule endoscopy examination, certain pathologies may require a closer, more thorough inspection. For this reason, CapsoView provides users the ability to fine tune image contrast and to zoom in on areas of interest.

Expanded Viewing Modes

CapsoView users can choose between two different viewing modes, which improves the flexibility of reading a CapsoCam Plus capsule. Our Duo View mode displays two 360° frames simultaneously to show more detail, which may significantly decrease reader fatigue and reading time.

CapsoView in Duo view mode
CapsoView in Duo mode
CapsoView in default Panoramic view mode
CapsoView in default Panoramic mode

Advanced Color Enhancement

CapsoView’s Advanced Color Enhancement (ACE) technology uses computed spectral sequences based on the in vivo image data to enhance tissue characterization which may improve diagnostic utility of the mucosal images.

ACE Preset 1
ACE Preset 1
ACE Preset 2
ACE Preset 2
ACE Preset 3
ACE Preset 3

Enhanced Reference Library

CapsoView contains a user-friendly library with images of pathologies, landmarks, and other findings, designed to aid physicians in diagnosis. Physicians can display a frame from the examination on-screen and easily compare the captured image characteristics against the reference library image.