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Experience the difference in capsule endoscopy.

CapsoVision System active bleeding

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CapsoCam Plus® is the only capsule endoscopy system that provides a 360° panoramic view of the small bowel providing you with:

  • The ability to look directly at the mucosa instead of “down the tunnel,”  allowing visibility of more lesions, if they are present.
  • High resolution images to help with diagnostic assurance.

Experience the 360° difference with CapsoCam Plus

CapsoCam Plus provides the most comprehensive imaging available in capsule endoscopy.

Developed with Silicon Valley innovation, the all-new CapsoCam Plus System is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly capsule endoscopy solution that is designed, tested, and packaged in the U.S.A.

CapsoCam Plus is designed to improve diagnostic capability by providing a full 360º panoramic direct lateral view of the small bowel mucosa.

If you see more, you know more.

CapsoCam Plus visualized the ampulla of Vater more than 70%1 of the time compared to 10%2 for leading end-facing capsules. If other systems miss this universal landmark, imagine how much more you will see with CapsoCam Plus.

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“We get a better result with CapsoCam Plus, seeing more lesions than ever before.”

Thomas Pachofszky, M.D.
Hospital Rudolfstiftung, Vienna Austria

A Patient-Preferred, Wire-Free Design

CapsoCam Plus patients are not burdened by uncomfortable data recorders.

During the procedure, they can go about their daily activities while experiencing unprecedented comfort, convenience, and freedom.

User-Friendly Software Makes Reading Fast and Easy

CapsoView® software, available on Mac or PC, provides a convenient, easy-to-use diagnostic user interface for viewing the CapsoCam Plus images – with several playback options and simple, efficient report generation.

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CapsoRetrieve® is a sanitary, disposable kit provided to patients for the collection, storage and transportation of the CapsoCam Plus capsule.

CapsoRetrieve provides all the tools necessary for the patient to safely and easily recover the capsule – in just a few simple steps – and return it to the clinic or mail it to the download center.


Easy Data Download

Place capsule in cdas

The CapsoAccess® capsule data access system allows you to seamlessly extract in vivo images and other data from the CapsoCam Plus capsule after the procedure. To transfer data from the capsule to your computer, simply place the capsule into the CapsoAccess system, close the lid, and click download.

Streamline Your Capsule Endoscopy Process and Review

CapsoView’s innovative, user-friendly interface takes the high resolution 360° in vivo images captured by CapsoCam Plus and presents them in an easy-to-read format making the study review process simple, fast, and efficient.

Process the capsule at your facility and download the data using the simple CapsoAccess download device.

  1. 70% Ref: Friedrich K, Sieg A, et al. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2013; (28): 1496-1501
  2. 10% Ref:Clarke et al, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, August, Volume 68, Issue 2, Pages 267–272