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Northwest Health Offers CapsoCam Plus® Endoscopy System Endoscopy System to Improve Patient Outcomes

Northwest Health, a regional healthcare network in Indiana composed of three hospitals and an extensive medical group, announced today that it is offering the CapsoCam Plus® capsule endoscope, which allows providers the ability to directly visualize small bowel mucosa to detect abnormalities while improving patient convenience, satisfaction, and outcomes.  

CapsoCam Plus is made by CapsoVision, an innovator in the gastroenterology diagnostics market, and is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The self-contained capsule endoscopy system is the only product on the market that provides a complete 360° panoramic image and does not require external equipment that must be worn by the patient. The images can be easily reviewed by the physician anywhere and anytime via cloud-based software.

All three of Northwest Health’s hospitals hold numerous awards and accreditations in recognition of the level of quality care they provide. The addition of CapsoCam Plus is designed to help the health system continue to improve detection rate and patient outcomes. The remote capsule endoscopy procedure is now available for at-home administration for eligible patients*. There are no data recorders required, which eliminates scheduling bottlenecks, streamlines provider workflow, and saves time for patients and staff. 

Because CapsoCam Plus patients are not burdened by uncomfortable data recorders, they can go about their daily activities while experiencing unprecedented comfort, convenience, and freedom during the procedure. In addition, the CapsoCam Plus wire-free storage design makes capsule administration faster and easier, while eliminating the risks associated with radio frequency signals. The technology is safe for use in patients with implantable devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and insulin pumps.

“The convenience of using CapsoCam Plus is key for our patients,” said Ashley Dickinson, CEO of Northwest Health. “In addition, our providers are now able to look directly at the small bowel mucosa and visualize more lesions, if they are present.”

The capsule, which is 11x31mm, offers four laterally oriented cameras, 16 independently controlled LEDs, and 1.5 GB of onboard data storage. The resolution is 221,184 pixels and allows for up to 20 frames per second to help with diagnostic assurance. The cloud-based capsule endoscopy software makes processing and data extraction of the capsules post-ingestion convenient and easy to read via a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform.

“Our goal is to help leading health systems like Northwest Health empower their physicians and their patients through innovative technologies that improve diagnostic confidence and clinical outcomes,” said Johnny Wang, president and CTO.

*See Eligibility Guidelines