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CapsoVision Provides Auto-Reorder Program for Preferred Partners

CapsoVision now offers* an auto-reorder program designed to improve practice speed and efficiency, while lowering costs, so that providers may continue to leverage the diagnostic capabilities of CapsoCam Plus® without interruption. Here’s how:

  • Let your CapsoVision representative know that you’re ready to get started.
  • Select order frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shipments) and quantity – 5, 10, or 20 CapsoCam kits.
  • Sit back and receive your kits on the same day of the month you selected. There’s no need to reorder.
  • Enjoy FREE shipping and time back in your busy day.
  • Hold your shipments up to two times per year if there is an inventory backlog.

Contact us to experience the 360° difference without interruption while saving time and money.

* Available for U.S. customers only.