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CapsoVision Offers Capsule Endoscopy Reading Service

The CapsoCam Plus® Reading Service maximizes your productivity by expediting your reports. All readers are US-based, board-certified gastroenterologists with extensive experience in the interpretation of CapsoCam Plus capsule endoscopy images. Our readers will:

  • Thoroughly review the patient’s clinical history
  • Conduct a comprehensive interpretation of the video.
  • Deliver a detailed report with findings and recommendations.
  • Connect with you to discuss findings and recommendations, if necessary

Submit a request through CapsoCloud at the time of ingestion or any time thereafter. You will receive an email notification when the report is ready, approximately 24-48 hours later. You can review, edit and sign the report directly from your CapsoCloud account — no file transfer necessary.

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The reading service has no impact on your ability to get reimbursed for the procedure. Reading services are available for U.S. customers only.