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CapsoVision, Inc. Enhances CapsoCam Plus Capsule Endoscopy System with CapsoCloud

SARATOGA, Calif. – September 7, 2017 – Today Silicon Valley medical device innovator CapsoVision, Inc. announced the full U.S. launch of CapsoCloud™, a groundbreaking exam management system that allows physicians to extract exam data from the CapsoCam Plus® small bowel capsule endoscope system without the need to process capsules post-ingestion.

Patient-Friendly: The CapsoCam Plus System is the only capsule endoscopy solution on the market that offers 360° panoramic lateral imaging of the small bowel and does not transmit data to receiver equipment worn by the patient. Patients simply ingest CapsoCam Plus in their physician’s office, go home and return to their normal activities while the exam data is captured.

Streamlined User / Physician Experience: After the exam is conducted and data is captured, the patient places the capsule in a retrieval vial and ships it in a prepaid return envelope to the CapsoCloud Download Center, where the CapsoCam Plus capsule data is uploaded to a cloud-based exam management system for easy physician access.

Remote and Secure: Once completed, the physician logs on to the secure and HIPAA-compliant CapsoCloud portal to access, download, and review the patient data. Physicians can also use the portal to facilitate data transfer to designated third-party capsule endoscopy reading services.

“Healthcare facilities often spend an excessive amount of time preparing and managing capsule endoscopy equipment,” said Johnny Wang, President of CapsoVision, Inc. “With CapsoCam Plus, we’ve already eliminated many of those pain points. Now, CapsoCloud further reduces the effort needed to obtain valuable examination data.”

The CapsoCam Plus video capsule system is intended for the visualization of the small bowel mucosa in adults. It may be used as a tool in the detection of abnormalities of the small bowel.