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CapsoVision Inc. announces distribution agreement and initial commercial shipment

August 15, 2011 – Under the terms of the agreement, Nicolai will be CapsoVision’s exclusive distributor for its products in Germany. CapsoVision’s initial product offering includes the CapsoCam SV1, an innovative GI capsule endoscopy system for the diagnosis of small bowel diseases including bleeding, cancer, celiac and Crohn’s disease. CapsoVision’s CapsoCam SV1 is unique in the field of capsule endoscopy in that the capsule provides 360 degree imaging of the intestinal wall. The capsule records and stores data within the capsule, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome external recording harnesses required by first generation capsule endoscopy products.

Commenting on the agreement, CapsoVision’s CEO and Chief Technical Officer, Johnny Wang said, “The agreement with Nicolai represents a significant step forward to CapsoVision. We are excited to have Nicolai as our distribution partner and we look forward to a long term relationship. Leading physicians who have participated in our clinical trials are enthusiastic about our products ease of use and the outstanding detection results that have been achieved.”