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CapsoVision has successful showing at UEG Week 2013 in Berlin, Germany

November 4, 2013 – CapsoVision had a very rewarding and eventful UEG Week 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. Solomon Chow of CapsoVision greets distribution partners from Italy at the CapsoVision UEG Week booth.

The CapsoVision booth, at the UEG Week 2013, was constantly visited by many international medical professionals to learn more about the New Standard in Capsule Endoscopy, the CapsoCam SV-1.

This year CapsoVision held the first ever Partner’s Meet, where dedicated distributors presented on their success stories, clinical experiences and feedback from their territories, healthcare market research and product updates. CapsoVision was delighted by the enthusiasm and interest shown at the event, and are so pleased with all the positive feedback that was received. It was truly an educational and collaborative event for the CapsoVision partner’s and CapsoVision looks forward to future partner meets.

CapsoVision appreciated the efforts of ABS-Bolton, France and Saesco Medical, Spain and recognized them for their exceptional efforts in overcoming objections in the field and having a strong pipeline of orders.

The signature Panel Presentation event “The New Standard in Capsule Endoscopy”, was the best CapsoVision event to date. It was held at the Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin on the evening of Tuesday, October 15. There were a total of 100 attendees from all across the globe. The event was highlighted by presentations from a panel of international thought leaders that included data on clinical studies and real-life experiences with the CapsoCam SV-1. The presenters included Prof. J.C. Saurin of E. Herriot Hospital, Lyon, France, the lead investigator of the study “Prospective first comparison of an axial and a lateral viewing capsule”, who presented on his findings and the benefits of the CapsoCam in his clinical practice. Professor Dr. Ralf Kiesslich of St. Mary’s Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany, detailed his first experiences with the CapsoCam system, concluding that the system is user-friendly for both physician and patient and effective for clinical findings. Dr. Simon Anderson of St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK, discussed the potential of the CapsoCam SV-1 as repeat capsule, an alternative to the traditional forward viewing capsule in negative endoscopic cases, due to the lateral view it provides of the mucosa. Professor Dr. Miguel Mascarenhas-Saraiva of ManopH in Porto, Portugal, compared the results of capsule endoscopic exams performed with two different systems in 10 patients.

The German distributor for CapsoVision shows the CapsoCam SV-1 to a physician at the CapsoVision booth.

With two successful events and a wonderful exhibition at UEG Week at the ICC Berlin, CapsoVision is proud of the showing and partner relationships displayed in Berlin.

CapsoVision’s next exhibition will be at DDW 2014 in Chicago.