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CapsoVision announces distribution agreement with SuppMed S.R.O. of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

August 8, 2013 – CapsoVision, Inc. is continuing to expand its reach into newer markets. CapsoVision hereby announces that it has entered into a distribution agreement with SuppMed S.R.O. of the Czech Republic. SuppMed S.R.O. will be CapsoVision’s exclusive distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

SuppMed S.R.O. is located in Prague and is a leader in distribution of innovative medical devices for Gatsroenterology and Bariatric Endoscopy in the region. Apart from CapsoVision, SupMed currently represents Apollo Endosurgery, USA, Heyinovo, China, Medsil, Russia, Spatz, Israel, Aspire Bariatrics, USA and G-Flex Belgium.

CapsoVision’s initial product offering includes the CapsoCam SV-1, an innovative GI capsule endoscopy system for the diagnosis of small bowel diseases including bleeding, cancer, celiac and Crohn’s disease. CapsoVision’s CapsoCam SV-1 provides a new standard in capsule endoscopy, providing 360 degree imaging of the intestinal wall. The capsule records and self-stores the data, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome external recording harnesses required by first generation capsule endoscopy products.