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CapsoVision Announces Availability of Next Generation CapsoCam Plus System

February 29, 2016 – SARATOGA, Calif. – February 29, 2016 – CapsoVision, Inc., a Silicon Valley medical device innovator, announces availability of their next generation small bowel capsule endoscopy solution, The CapsoCam® Plus System.

The CapsoCam Plus System consists of a capsule endoscope, a retrieval kit, a data access system, and software, which work together to provide a streamlined, patient-friendly examination with no capital investment required.

CapsoCam Plus is the only small bowel capsule endoscope that provides comprehensive 360º imaging of the small bowel mucosa, and functions without the use of restrictive belts, wires, or leads.

The imaging hardware in CapsoCam Plus has been completely redesigned to provide nearly double the resolution of CapsoCam SV-2. These new improvements provide the CapsoCam Plus small bowel capsule endoscope with a higher quality, 360º panoramic lateral view of the small bowel mucosa. CapsoCam Plus is the only small bowel capsule endoscope that operates without the use of uncomfortable receiver equipment.

CapsoCam Plus also contains double the memory, optimized lighting, and provides more mucosal detail than ever before, making CapsoCam Plus the capsule endoscopy system with the most comprehensive imaging available on the market today.

Other improvements to the CapsoCam Plus System include:

  • CapsoAccess CDAS3
    CapsoAccess CDAS3 provides the same ease-of-use as CapsoAccess CDAS2, but with improved download reliability, faster processing, and the ability to receive remote updates.
  • CapsoView 3.1 
    CapsoView 3.1 provides the same refined user interface as CapsoView 3.0, now with all-new features such as:
    Multilingual support
    Reduced display resolution requirements
    Compatibility with Mac OSX El Capitan
    Batch transcode option