With our unique cloud-based clinical data management system, we make doing capsule endoscopy easier than ever before.

Time is money. Dealing with belts and wires required with end-viewing capsule endoscopy systems can cause appointment backlogs and expend office resources. The wire-free CapsoCam Plus Solution streamlines practice operations by eliminating the need for multiple patient visits or staff management of receiver equipment required by older capsule technologies.

Now there is an additional solution that saves you even more time.

CapsoCloud™, a cloud-based capsule endoscopy EMR system that provides processing and data extraction of the capsules post-ingestion.

HIPAA-compliant and secure, CapsoCloud gives you easy access to your patient’s exam data at your convenience and your patient’s convenience.

CapsoCloud also provides easy transfer of data to designated 3rd party reading services for your capsule endoscopies. Contact your CapsoCam Plus representative for more information.


George Sanchez, MD“I had the pleasure of reading my first CapsoCam video online today.  I want to thank you all and congratulate CapsoVision on delivering such a great product. This is a game-changer!”

George Sanchez M.D.
Gastro Health

CapsoCloud Video Streaming

Read Capsule Endoscopy Studies Anywhere – Anytime

Gastroenterologists often elect to review capsule endoscopy studies between other procedures, during breaks or after hours because of the time-consuming nature of the examination. Depending on the system and the skill of the gastroenterologist, a single video can take up to 40 minutes to review.

Now enjoy time-saving benefits  of CapsoCloud with Video Streaming- a novel capsule endoscopy software.

  • No software purchase, installations, upgrades or maintenance
  • Compatible with virtually any computer with internet access
  • Ability to read CapsoCam Plus videos on IOS or Android tablets
  • No computer/sever storage needed
  • Easy file management ( downloading videos, sending videos and reports to other physicians)

The Cloud-based software resides on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is secure and HIPAA-compliant.