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Rapid Results


Quick access for local data uploading and rapid results.

Unlike end-facing capsule endoscopy systems, the CapsoCam Plus® System doesn’t use uncomfortable external patient equipment. All of the data is stored in an on-board flash memory system.

To extract the in vivo images and other data collected during the examination, users simply place the capsule into the CapsoAccess system and click download.

The data from the capsule is then easily accessed using CapsoView® software, which is available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

How it works

Step 1. Turn on the CapsoAccess system. The light will illuminate.

Step 2. Place the CapsoCam Plus capsule into the CapsoAccess System with the batteries up.

Step 3. Close the lid.

Step 4. Click the download icon in CapsoView.