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Capsule Endoscopy
Made Simple

CapsoCam Plus®, the only capsule endoscopy system with a complete 360° panoramic view, is designed to improve diagnostic confidence and patient convenience. Providers can leverage CapsoCloud, next generation cloud-based software, for easy access to capsule endoscopy results.

Comprehensive, 360° Panoramic Imaging.

Increase diagnostic capabilities with our next generation capsule endoscopy system featuring four laterally oriented, onboard cameras that capture a 360° panoramic view of the small bowel and any abnormalities with high resolution images.

No Data Recorders,
Just Convenience.

Reduce procedure time for nurses and providers while contributing to improved convenience and satisfaction for patients. Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based design was created with both patients and providers in mind. No belts, data recorders, or equipment costs.

Read Results Anytime, Anywhere with CapsoCloud.

Streamline your capsule endoscopy process and review with cloud-based video streaming and a user-friendly interface to easily read the comprehensive images captured by CapsoCam Plus®. Simple. Fast. Efficient.

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“I’ve swallowed other capsule endoscopy products, but what CapsoVision is doing is engaging the patient and the provider in a completely new way with CapsoCam Plus. It’s a game-changer. It’s a 360-degree view! I look forward to taking my next CapsoCam.”


Meet The Game Changer

Because CapsoCam Plus patients are not burdened by uncomfortable data recorders, they can complete the procedure while experiencing improved comfort, convenience, and freedom. The CapsoCam Plus wire-free storage design makes capsule administration faster and easier. Capsule collection is clean and simple.


Revolutionize Your Practice

Trusted by providers committed to the best gastrointestinal care possible. CapsoCam Plus is designed to improve diagnostic capabilities by providing a full 360º panoramic direct lateral view of the small bowel. Improve diagnostic yield, simplify workflow, and save time. Zero capital investment or maintenance costs.

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“CapsoCam is a huge improvement in technology as compared to our previous gives you a much better perspective and a much better chance of picking up on small lesions that you could have missed before.”


Making Capsule Endoscopy Simple, Affordable, and Smart

We’ve reimagined the traditional, previously complex process for capsule endoscopy. CapsoCam Plus provides the clinic with a cost-effective, streamlined system to eliminate waiting, scheduling bottlenecks, or restrictive equipment.